Study Room RenovationThe Study Room Renovation – Part 2

June 29, 2021by cheree

We are up to a point in the renovation where I am sure Paul would like to restrain me in a quiet room. I am SO EXCITED and so annoying!! I can see, it’s nearly time for the decorating baton to be handed over, and I’m peering over Paul’s shoulders every five minutes asking him to hold up my new light sconces, paint colours, or fabric samples. To me, having a chance to get in there and create is bigger than Christmas Day, and it couldn’t come sooner!

In the meantime, while we all wait for decorating day, let me recap what we achieved in the room last month. All the insulation and gib walls went in. The windows were framed in a Farmhouse style and painted. The big window was taken out and will be replaced with triple glazing in the same frame. The wardrobe door has also been framed up and is awaiting a new louver door like we have in the hallway.

All Paul needs to do is finish plastering and sanding, throw a coat of wallboard sealant on, and then I can flex my design muscles! However, before he finishes, I have a couple of decorating decisions to be made. I wanted to put up a type of roman wood blind on the bigger window, like this..


I have been scouring the internet for months and haven’t found a supplier. We also had two window treatment companies around who told me that that they stopped stocking them because of low demand. I can’t figure why I love this look, and no one else in New Zealand does? I believe my formative years studying in the USA had a huge and costly influence on my choices today. Sorry, Paul – giggle. Anyway, you know that saying when “you are not looking for love, you often find it”? Well, I found my piece of love in Churchurch. Just when I had given up, a late night Google search pulled up a supplier down South who can provide exactly what I am looking for. I am a little scared to ask for a quote because I don’t want to get my heart broken!

Apart from selecting blinds, I still have to find a desk to up-cycle, and we have to confirm our carpet choice. For such a tiny room, she sure demands a lot of attention! While Paul is finishing up in the study room, I am keeping myself occupied with learning a Design Programme that Architects, Builders, and Interior Designers use called SketchUp. My goal is to create realistic 3D Models of our future projects and rooms in order for us to visualise the space better. So far, I am finding the programme to be complex and time consuming, but I am loving the possibilities this new skill will bring to our designs.

At the moment, I can only draw 2D rooms, but in my next study module we are learning 3D and animation. It will be fun to walk you through our designs on my upcoming blogs. Until the next monthly instalment, stay warm and dry!