UpdatesThe Partial Veggie Garden Reveal

February 27, 2021by cheree

I love writing this blog; not only is it a perfect creative release for me, but it also incentivises Paul to keep pushing on our home projects. Two weeks ago, I could see that we were running behind schedule, so I pressed on him that my legions of fans would be disappointed if I couldn’t reveal something this month. Naughty, I know, but it certainly got him moving the rotary hoe! Secretly, I am wondering how many times I can pull this masterstroke out of the hat. I am smiling, but Paul not so much in this photo – he, hee.

Anyway, I have titled this blog post our partial reveal because although our patch is ready for veggie planting, we have typically changed our mind about how we want to use the area. While we are deciding, let me show you where we started and where I think we will eventually end up.

When we purchased this house, there was a reasonably large section of unusable grass area, which we quickly filled with rubbish and dirt from our back section and left for two years. Apologies again, neighbours! We tossed around many ideas. One of my favourites was putting in an Infinity Pool; however, this idea wasn’t going to fly with our patchy Wellington weather. We also considered putting in a double garage, so that we could utilise our current garage as another bedroom. After figuring out this idea’s costs, we might leave this until our Lotto win on Saturday.

Until our fortunes arrive, we thought we could save some money by becoming partially self-sufficient from New World; hence the veggie garden idea was born. The popular Farmhouse style inspires the look I want to create.

I started questioning my mind when Paul pointed out how would I feel looking down from the lounge checking out my spinach. It’s true, I do love my fruit and veg on my plate, but as a design feature on our front lawn, I am not so sure. Once again, we are bouncing around ideas on making the the most of this underutilised space.

A small seating area might work?

Or we could put in a pretty birdbath or a focal tree?

There are always so many good options and only so many we can carry off with our budget and space. Anyway, before I get carried away, here is the progress we have made from the last post.

Paul stands proudly on his freshly built concrete block wall.

The wall has been rendered and now awaits a fresh coat of paint to match the house.

Boom da, da Boom the Veggie Garden wall is now complete (minus the vegetables).

Stay put for the next monthly instalment of what we decide to do with our Veggie Garden patch. If you have ideas, I would love to hear your input. Thanks again for tuning in!