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February 23, 2019by cheree

Today is going to be a short but hopefully sweet post?  Our bathroom and laundry rooms have had a few more additions since the last reveal.  I am definitely a big believer in celebrating any small wins, especially when it comes to this house overhaul!

The white alpine stone has finally been cut and placed around our bathtub, pony wall, and shower. There was actually an audible gasp of air when I walked through the bathroom door. The stone capping is breathtakingly beautiful and now the area is starting to look polished and dare I say, nearly finished?

Funily enough when I saw the bill for the engineered stone, I was also gasping for air but no not in a good way. The total for these 3 bits of stone came to a whopping $1600. In our next bathroom downstairs we will be looking at some other options.

Our online mirror arrived last week. We have been scouring the internet and shops for months so it is sweet relief to see this honey go up on the wall…

The toilet roll holder also arrived all the way from the States. It seems so trivial to talk about such a small yet vital bathroom item, but this holder really held up the works (no pun intended). We originally bought a Kholer holder from the last Zip plumbing sale through a catalogue. When we finally pulled her out of the package we were shocked!

It was huge, like a musical instrument, statement HUGE! There was no way that big thing was going on our wall. So back to the internet for more research. I couldn’t find anything in N.Z that was traditional and matched our other chrome fixtures. I was desperate to get our loo paper off the floor that I excitedly pushed the button for the holder below. When that order arrived it was in the wrong colour. It appears that I had ticked the polished nickel button – sigh…For now, I am just accepting that our bathroom fixtures are not going to be matchy, matchy….

It’s hard to tell here, but in certain lights, the holder has a golden vintage glow.

Moving just a door over, our laundry has had a bit of an update too. We recently ordered these cabinets below from Mitre 10. Paul has also put some paneling up on the walls (photos to come later).

This is a picture I took of the Mitre 10 cabinets from their showroom.

I can really see these cupboards with some glass handle pulls.

After many tile trial runs to the shops, the coloured tiles that I was picking just didn’t seem to blend with our very busy Morrocan tile floor. So I have decided to go with a very small white subway brick. I think this will flow in nicely with the tile work from the bathroom.

We will use a very light gray grout.

It seems like light years ago that we started renovating these two rooms. I wish I could wake up one morning and it will somehow be magically finished. For now though, I will just have to be contented with nearly there….