The Master BedroomThe Master Bedroom|Part 2

November 29, 2018by cheree2

Last weekend, I gave you a glimpse of my dream Master bedroom.  In this post, I am actually going to show you the canvas that is our starting point.  I am almost a little self-conscious to show you our bedroom because she ain’t no oil painting!  We have a lot going on in this space, from mismatched and leftover furniture from our landlord, purple walls, brown curtains and a few upcycled Trademe finds.

Before I tackle the cosmetic disasters in this room,   we do have a couple of areas in the room that need consideration first.

One of them being is two great whooping Art Deco windows in this space.  With the main window on the left we have discussed configuring this to a different size later when addressing the outside of the house, but it’s the window above our head that we are looking to board up.  This might seem like an interesting design decision since most homes have the opposite problem of not getting enough natural light.

However there are a couple of reasons why I want to get rid of this one.

Our neighbour’s porch is barged right up to our fence, so having this wall double insulated will keep us warm & toasty, and reduce the noise level.

Also I would ideally like to make this wall a feature wall and it’s really hard to find headboards or wallpaper that would accommodate a window smack in the middle of it.

Our other dilemma involves our closet.  Obviously, most women have a dream of having a walk-in closet and yes I am definitely one of them!  We have talked about encroaching into the second bedroom, but in my mind having a smaller bedroom might have a negative impact on the resale value.

Here are my dream closets…


And here is what I have currently…

It might be a case of the big Ugly C word again – COMPROMISE.  It’s bad enough having to compromise for a relationship outcome, but when I have to do it in my design world, every cell of my body seems to bristle.

I am guessing this could be my closet comprise – sigh…


Although we could glam up the door with a farmhouse sliding door?


Source: unknown 

Moving onto the wall colour…On the last series of The Block, I remember judge Jason Bonham abhorring a room painted all white.  In summary he felt like the designers had copped out by picking out a neutral colour.

His comments did make me wonder if one has to be bold and out there with colour in every room especially when I see dreamy white rooms like this one below.  The shiplap walls, the fancy wall borders and oak floors just get my wheels turning here.  Plus I think it takes a certain skill to make a white room come alive with textures and soft furnishings.


We have so much to think about and coordinate in this room.  The beauty of writing these blog posts for me not only helps me plan the space and budget, but it also focusses all my ideas into one centre point.  I really hope these posts continue to be interesting or helpful to you?  Please let me know if there are any interior topics you would like me to discuss/research or uncover in the comments section below.

Until next week!



  • Val

    December 9, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    Hi Cheree I love what you are both doing with your house and you have some wonderful ideas! It all takes time but when you work on it yourself you appreciate it more. Looking forward to seeing the finished job! xx

    • cheree

      December 10, 2018 at 9:47 am

      Thanks Val and we are loving all your positive input! Next year there will definitely be some finished rooms to show you. Can’t wait!! xx

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