The Many Options RoomThe Many Options Room

February 28, 2019by cheree

Can you believe we are up to the last room in our house for customisation? This lucky, last room is currently been used as an office/laundry cupboard. It’s always the door I close first when we have guests around because quite frankly it’s a crime scene. So I am calling this room “The Many Options Room” because even though we use this room as a dumping ground, I still believe we can turn this room into a beautiful and functioning space with little effort?

Can you tell if I like the colour purple? Apparently it is the colour that inspires creativity.
I also use this room as a makeup and dress room in the mornings.

Compared to other rooms of the house there is minimal work for Paul. I am sure he will scoff at the above line but from my perspective, all we need to do is insulate the walls, put up some skirting and then give this room a lick of paint. At a later stage, I would also like to double glaze the windows and change the door. However for these upgrades, I think it will be a case of checking the budget when we arrive to renovate this room.

The wallpaper is definitely a feature in this room.

Now we come to my favourite part when I put on my brainstorming hat to create some creative options for this room. My three options for this space are as followed:

  1. My top option is to keep this room as a transitional study room while I am waiting for my outside study nock.
How pretty are these green/blue walls?
No room is complete for me with a good set of builtins..

2. My other option includes having a home gym. I might need to save my gym membership fee once we finish this house renovation anyway.

I didn’t find too many retro gyms on Pinterest. This one is my favourite. I love the lockers!

The design finishings are so serene in this room. I actually want to step in this room and work out. Not to sure about the wall to ceiling mirror action though…

I would much prefer to watch the telly…

3. My last option (I know my mum will be very excited to read about this 😊) is turning this room into a nursery. No folks we are definitely not expecting any wee bundles, however if we decide in the future to sell/or rent this house having a nursery right next door to Mum and Dad’s room would be a fantastic selling point.

How gorgeous is this unique fanlight?

Mum definitely needs a comfy chair.

So there you have it, one complete house!! Now I just have to wait for the builder aka Paul to catchup to my ideas. He is always telling me that I have to be patient. “Good things take time” seems to be his go-to line with me these days. My rebuttal is that I am not impatient, I am just creatively restless. 😊😊