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April 29, 2024by cheree

Every Saturday, when the Lotto numbers roll down, I ponder how I would share the love around the family if I won the big one.  Well, the first thing I would do is jump into Mum’s bathroom with a jackhammer and design her the ultimate spa retreat. 

Until then, the million-dollar question is how can we make this space right without murdering the budget?  If you are like Mum and have a bathroom that isn’t perfect and you can’t afford to renovate, here are a few simple fixes you can use to refresh any space.


I’m lucky because the starting point is an off-white plain canvas.  There are no colour clashes to disguise here because there is just no colour.  The vinyl grey flooring is neutral, and the white tiles create an inoffensive backdrop.   All this bathroom needs is a little tickle with colour and some styling.

Here is the back of the bathroom.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my fancy DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens on this day.  I ended up having to take this shot from the bath to get it all in! 

The plan starts here:

As we can only make superficial changes this time, I’ll swap out that builder-grade light fixture and mirror.  The colour will be added with the artwork, towels, and mat.

I know some people have a thing about artwork in the bathroom with all the hot steam, but we are purchasing expensive art and ensuring all the edges are sealed with waterproof tape.

A rug can be an unexpected and delightful addition to a bathroom.  A rug is also fine in the bathroom, as you will only get a few splashes on if near the near the basin.  Since the bathroom is small, we will use a bathroom mat.  

 Studio McGee knows how to do a vintage rug in a bathroom.

Here is my proposed design for Mum’s bathroom in Canva. Due to the previous wiring, we had to use another tube light, but it would not have been my first choice. The prints were bought from Artfully Walls. I love this website, and they often offer sale discounts. 

I also did a couple of different plans, to show you have you could easily change the look and feel of the room by changing up the wall colour, artwork, and lighting.

Here is a blue-on-blue bathroom with brass and silver mixed metals.

Or how about a minty green and gold look? The trick is to pull a couple of colours from your art or rug and repeat them.

I’m disappointed I couldn’t show you the final result today, as we are waiting for the bog in the holes to dry so we can repaint the walls.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek video of Paul in action. He really does move this fast—ha! 

Bye for now…