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September 22, 2018by cheree0

While we are completing our bathroom, I thought I would move onto another not so sexy room of the house.  The Laundry.  On Paul’s wish list he wants a proper chef’s kitchen, so we have decided to move the laundry to the other side of the bathroom, in order to give more foot space to the kitchen.

As you know I have been pretty wobbly about all our other rooms in terms of overall style however, I am certain of what I want to achieve in this room.  Our theme for the laundry will be straight Farmhouse.  No Hampton’s glam here!


Here is my inspirational shot from Pinterest here.  I feel this picture in my bones.  I love everything about it, from the shiplap white walls, the silver pendant light (although we have concerns about hanging one of these up near our windy back door), the herringbone tiles on the floor, and the bench top. The only change we might make is putting up a subway tile backsplash.  We also don’t have the room to put the sink in here, so we are planning to put the sink outside.

To achieve the above look here are a few items that I have found:

Silver Pendant Lights



We have also confirmed our Sliding Laundry Door.


Just to add a quirky personal touch we are adding a wall décor to the door.


We are still trying to locate the pull door handles.  Here are a few that I like:


However, at £68 pounds, plus £50 shipping, there is no way I could justify that to our home accountant aka Paul.  I guess that is the frustrating thing about falling in love with goodies overseas.  Most of the time the overseas supplier will either not ship internationally, or if they do will charge a small fortune to get it here.

If you share my frustration, I have found a way around this madding loophole with YouShop, New Zealand Post:   Youshop has definitely changed the way I buy overseas.  Once you set up your account with NZ Post, they will give you addresses for America, Europe, and Australia.  So if your overseas supplier won’t send to New Zealand, you can get it sent to one of these addresses, and then NZ Post will deliver it from there.  So far all our goods have arrived and the freight prices have been reasonable.

We have only tried small home décor items, but apparently, they do large items such as Sofas and Dining Room Suites etc.  NZ Post will also give you an estimated shipping price based on the weight of the goods.


My only word of caution if you are buying anything over a $1000 you will probably get stung by customs.  We got our Candle Wax Melter sent from Oz and it took 3 weeks and $300 dollars to get it out of customs.  Ouch!  Perhaps they thought I was going to make something medical in that pot? 🙂



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