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May 12, 2019by cheree

A million moons ago, I posted about my dream laundry room from Studio McGee & Co. Unashamedly, if I could have plagiarised every inch of this room, I would have. I even love the pot plant! As we roundup on the home stretch to finishing this room, I’m amazed how wide apart these two design looks are.

Boy, I tried hard to steal this look. This picture has been pulled out with nearly every tile shop in the Wellington region. One retailer even laughed at me and said: “I wish I had a penny for every time someone showed me a Pinterest picture from overseas. We just don’t have the population to support all these choices”. Hearing that news just sent me into glum depression.

Now when I peek through my laundry room and inspect the blue and white Morrocan tiles, the vertical boards and budget industrial light. I see that this room has its own personality. It’s a reflection of what we love, what we can resource and how we can pull it together. And I’m pretty chuffed how my least favourite room in the house is turning out!

Our original door has been sanded & primed to save money.

The initial plan was to sand back the door to expose the natural kauri wood. Unfortunately, there were too many kinks and holes in the door that would have to be patched up with putty. The only way we can hide this is with painting the door.

We also saved some money with the laundry workbench by knocking off some legs of a second-hand table. This time Paul had a hard time destroying the table. In the end, it was the neighbour who convinced Paul that it’s a fugly piece of pine furniture which could be used in a better way.

Looking through the Central Market shop window, I spotted her!
The table has been cut down to size and sanded. Now she is ready for a varnish finish.

Our cabinets from Mitre 10 have been installed. The chrome glass like pulls have been ordered from overseas. Like a design nerd, I have been tracking their progress daily. I really think there is something wrong with me!!


Our vertical walls have also gone up. I wanted shiplap, horizontal walls in this room, but at $500 sqm, we couldn’t justify the expense. It’s definitely one of those happy accidents as the vertical boards draws your eyes up, making the room feel taller.

Regarding the door pull, we are typically on different sides of the fence. I wanted to shine her up and keep her. I know it’s not like me to save money. Paul wants to replace it with something more functional and less Art Deco. We are still looking for the perfect fit.

We are only weeks away from finishing the second room in our house. As the winter chills kick in, we were worried that our momentum would go into hibernation. Somehow the sense of an upcoming small win is pushing our cog into yet another gear. Tour de France here we come! 🙂