The Kitchen RebuildThe Kitchen Rebuild

October 27, 2018by cheree

Our next major room for renovation or should I say complete rebuild is the kitchen.  Even though this will only be our third room for a total overhaul, I can feel the decision fatigue slowly seeping in.  For someone that takes about 5 weeks to choose a pair of shoes, the amount of decision making on a daily basis has been quite daunting.  It has reached  a point where I have barely kicked off my heels after work and Paul is asking me what trim to put around the door.  We talk about home design 24/7 and I sense there will be no escaping this home project for quite some time!

Fortunately enough we both love the creative process and any small change or update to a room seems to energise us both in moving forward.  Out of all the rooms in the house, I feel the kitchen will be the most dramatic in terms of transformation.  Here are some pictures of our kitchen below:

Our 1940’s creamy but not dreamy kitchen cupboards…

We plan to knock out this dividing wall where our laundry used to sit to increase the foot space.

I love watching the weather roll in while doing the dishes…

We definitely have open shelving going on in this kitchen…

Perhaps you might be thinking that the demolition has already started in this room by the doorless cupboards and the pots on the floor? But alas no this room has been completely untouched by us, apart from a lick of white paint on the window sill, and Paul has rerouted some power cables for lighting.

Over the last 6 months this room makeover has had quite a lot of airtime.   One of Paul’s many passions is creating culinary delights, and because I want to make sure this continues we both need to be on the same page for the overall look and function of this very important room.  Here are some earlier ideas that we both gravitated towards.

If you loved their kitchen then you are seriously going to love their house in Campbells Bay, Auckland.  You can check it out here: Source

While I was at the Designmade in Wellington looking for fabric, I stumbled across this incredible show home kitchen by The Gourmet Kitchen.  I knew that I have hit custom cabinetry gold and so the next day I dragged Paul into town to have a look.  We both oohed and aahed and fell in love.  In fact Paul is so smitten by this kitchen, it is the first point of reference when we talk kitchen shop.

However without appliances this kitchen is priced at $30k.  We know that our budget is not going to stretch this far so we are trying to come up with creative ways to recreate this look without the hefty price tag.  Is there a way to customise a Mitre10 or Kaboodle kitchen to give it a touch of Hamptons/Farmhouse?

Here is how I think we can pull off this look for less by adding some extra tailor made touches:

Customising the oven range hood – we don’t know if we can find a joiner to do this and at what price, but I really think this can add some serious WOW factor to the room.


Putting up some beautiful cedar wood shelving …


Installing a good ole farmhouse sink.

Adding some stylish tapware.


Perhaps some coloured subway tiling?


Some Farmhouse lighting magic…



A couple of customised cabinets?


Making the island unique with a piece of aged recycled timber or


some fancy corbels…

By adding some unique cabinetry pulls you can dramatically alter any plain doors.



Aren’t these latches so cute?

We don’t know the exact timeline that the kitchen work will commence, but it is looking like a December start which means we won’t be on turkey duty this Christmas.  Like any good timeline, I am sure this will blow out, but I am excited to think that maybe by next winter I might just have a dishwasher for me and a decent gas stove for Paul.

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