Study Room RenovationThe Green Reno Light

May 28, 2021by cheree

I have an extra spring in my step lately. We have decided to push through with renovating my Study room, the Bedroom, Lounge, and possibly the Sunroom this year. After a few months of Summer hiatus and a green light from our bank, it’s time to spread my designer wings again. Paul and I are bouncing ideas off each other 24/7, packages are arriving at our door, and our momentum is back! Oh geez, and least I forget – so is the dust! 🙂

The first room we are attacking is my study room. I’m not sure if Paul is posing for the photograph or thinking , what the heck have I got myself in for?

Goodbye wardrobe door. I forgot how yellow this room was – yikes!

It’s only been two weeks since we initiated the plan for the study room; Paul has already gutted the room, put in partial insulation, wired the room for internet, and put in a new rondo ceiling. Due to the age of the house, the kauri wood beams have buckled, which means for us to have a straight top, he has to put up a “fake metal ceiling”, so the gib can lay flat.

If you missed the before photos of my tired and cold study room, see below. Due to the fact the study room is on the Southside of the house and is flanked by the neighbours fence, it receives very little sunlight. Paul has thrown in an off-cut of carpet and an electric heater (which I crank in the winter) to alleviate the chill factor. There are lots of challenges in this room; however, we are confident with a little bit of sweat and polish, that we can turn this room into a warm cozy study nook.

While Paul does his bizo, I had to relocate my clothes to the Lounge.

My desk and computer are now residing in the Sun/Gin room. I am really enjoying my new space with the giant sea views. Secretly, I am wondering if I can claim this as my new study room without the boss throwing his tool belt down?

Anyway, I think my plans are too far down the track to reverse now. The wallpaper has been ordered from England. I could purchase it here, but it’s triple the price. If you are prepared to do the research and the wait time, you can save some serious coin ordering online. We will be putting the wallpaper on the back wall to make it a feature.

The brass vintage wall scones arrived at my door last week, and I recently purchased the brass pendant light.

We have also selected a wool loop carpet with a greyish/green undertone. However, it’s expensive, made in Australia, and will take six weeks to manufacture. Perhaps, we need to go back to the drawing board on this one!

We wanted to create a multipurpose room – a study/children’s bedroom, in case we go to sell this house later down the track. Here is how I envisioned the final design.

I choose a warm, whimsical paper which I am absolutely in love with online. The reality could be a whole different story – nervous giggle, but seriously who doesn’t love birds and peaches?! I wanted to create a feeling of old-world charm, hence the vintage lighting and a study desk from a different era. My plan is to find a second-hand study desk and up-cycle it with Benjamin Moore Intrigue paint. I think this will pull out the colours of the wallpaper nicely. I am also getting Paul to put Wainscoting on the right side of the wall to add textural interest. It’s probably too early to confirm, but I will likely paint the walls in Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore.

For now, it feels like the stars are aligning, and everything is running smoothly. At this rate, we will be able to put our feet up at Christmas! 🙂 While all the commotion is happening inside, our grass patch is also doing its thing. Last Sunday, we were joking with our dear relatives about shining up the bowling balls for a family challenge. That’s if we have any energy left over to swing those arms!

Thanks again for tuning in. See you all next month with a study room update!