The Dining Room redesignThe Dining Room Redesign

February 8, 2019by cheree2

I couldn’t wait to get to my keyboard to type up this post. I am not sure why I find this pokey wee space so thrilling? Perhaps it is the challenge of creating a dining space that is spacious and inviting which really has my design wheels spinning?

Our table setting is definitely not magazine ready. Paul often uses this area as his study room. Much to my dismay there is always a laptop and a gazillion keys on the table.

As you can also see we are really limited by how many people we can invite over as the seating space is at a premium. We are forever pulling out the table and shuffling people into the right spot.

Whoever gets the front facing spot definitely gets the lucky chair. The view from here is almost meditative.

It didn’t take many scrolls on Pinterest to find images of exactly what I was looking for.

The kitchen and dining layout are almost identical to our two spaces. Having a window bench seat & the back island seat around the table will be a good way for us to increase the numbers in our dining room. Also, replacing our long rectangle table with a round one will make it easier for our guests to manoeuvre themselves in and out from the table.

Herringbone wallpaper – how devine!
Comfortable but cool at the same time.

Finding the right size table will be critical to pulling this room together. How stunning is this American oak table?

And of course we need some beautiful upholstered chairs…

A dining room wouldn’t be complete without weathered oak hardware floor and a decent rug…

While scrolling for tables on Pinterest, I also came across these unique hand blown pendant lights. C’est magnifique huh?

Or a black steel chandelier?

Moving away from the dining room, I thought I would give you a quick update with how we are progressing with the former kitchen buffet to now bathroom vanity. If you haven’t seen the before photo’s you can check it out in this post. The unpainted vanity has now been placed in the bathroom and I am loving how well it fits into this space.

Our only problem and it’s a very big problem, we can’t seem to find a basin that will insert into the very small buffet proportions.

Paul has had to increase the width of the vanity by packing it out with wood. He said once it is painted you will not be able to see the added bits. Sometimes I really feel like I am living with a genius!

On another happy note, I received our hardware from Australia yesterday. This is one order I had my fingers crossed for, as I had used a third party to get the purchase over from Oz to NZ. Unfortunately, New Zealand Post still does not ship from Australia. Using another transport carrier proved to be smooth sailing, so I would definitely consider looking over the ditch for other bits and bobs for the house. The handles also turned out to be exactly what I was looking for- phew!

Over the last week, we have had a bevy of tradesmen up to the house to give us quotes and ideas. The momentum is also spurred on by all the online packages turning up at the door every day. So far this year, everything has been on a very positive roll and the energy levels are high in the house. Suddenly it feels like this house renovation has jumped into another gear and we are finally racing towards the black chequered flag! 🏁🚗



  • Val Sullivan

    February 9, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Cheree I love getting the updates on your renovations . You are doing so well and I am sure that when you have finished you will know that the hard work has been worth it. Keep up the good work! Love Val xx

    • cheree

      February 9, 2019 at 3:44 pm

      Thanks Val. You are the best cheerleader a girl could have!! Hugs x

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