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November 1, 2021by cheree

It’s only taken five months to get here, but I am now back in my newly renovated study room. I thought I might find it hard to shift from my transitional sunroom perch with harbour views. However, I can’t describe how good it feels to smell our freshly laid carpet, and work surrounded by botanical trees, birds and peaches. Even to type this line makes me smile.

The room feels bright, airy, and serene. I know I am fortunate to have this designated space to do all my creative biz in. Of course, I also know firsthand that a complete refit does not happen magically overnight. Paul has put a lot of elbow grease in to make this room work for me. Let me recap his arduous journey for you.


It started out as a creamy yellow room with torn wallpaper and zero insulation. We ended up pulling up the mangy carpet to expose beautiful Kauri floors. To our dismay we could not save the floor because there were nail tack holes everywhere. I spent many months in this arctic room with two pairs of socks and my possum slippers on just to be able to feel my feet. During one winter, I couldn’t take it any longer and we both hopped in the truck to scour the carpet shops for seconds. My life in this room became marginally better after Paul put down the temporary grey carpet.

The decision to renovate my study room came after our first Lockdown when I was spending more and more time working from home. Once Paul makes a decision there is no fluffing about. Within hours doors were going out and walls were coming down!

Like every other room Paul has touched in this house, nothing was level or straight, hence new gib board, insulation and a rondo ceiling were installed. Once all the walls were relined, the paint went on, and the botanical print went up. It was all starting to come together.

Next came our delicious soft wool carpet from Australia.

We decided to purchase a sit-to-stand desk as my dickie back has been playing up from round-the-clock sitting. Unfortunately, I got busted sitting, lol. This is my very first day in my new office, and I’m happy as a red clam! You might have noticed that the office chair and storage are missing from the reveal photos? Well, to cut this story short Paul spray painted the chair, which turned out to be a massive fail – more on that subject later. The filing cabinet is looking good and is drying in the garage. I didn’t want to risk it on the new carpet before it was ready.

Putting in all the finishing touches for me is like icing the cake and licking the spoon – so good! The wall perspective calendar I purchased from Magnolia.com. I have to remember not to put the permanent marker on that one! I had an old frame sitting under the bed for years which now holds my Interior Design Diploma. I love it when I can recycle objects, and it costs us nothing! The quote in the white picture frame was texted to me by a very dear friend.


I decided to add antique brass finishing touches with the light and louvre door handles to add warmth and interest to the room. I know some designers might tut, tut this because our entry door handles are in satin chrome, but I love to mix metals in a room. For me, the room comes alive with contrast. We plan on spray painting the hinges at a later date.

And just like that…one more finished room! The paint has barely dried, and Paul has now moved on to gutting the sunroom, affectionately known as “The Gin Room”. Next month, I am excited to share what is happening in this space and show you our new, improved design direction. It’s all hammer and go in this house!