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March 16, 2019by cheree2

While I was writing about my transitional study room, I kept having flashes about a piece of furniture I spotted last year at the Junk Shop. It’s hard to believe that a piece this sweet, lasted so long in the store? My guess is that the only reason she made it to my workroom was due to the fact no one could see it. She was buried alive by books, tools and yes junk! It’s the kind of store that you almost need tramping boots to get in the front door, but once you are in, its sheer hunters delight.

In the end, Paul managed to haggle a bit and we ended up buying this piece for $100.00. I hadn’t really seen the piece up close, so there were a few surprises after I got home from work to complete the full checkup. The table top and side pieces are veneer.

There were a few more dents in the wood than I expected. I am ok with this as we will putty them up, and I will be painting over the cracks.

Yes I know there are going to be some wood lovers out there that might get a little cross with me here. But the fact is she is not in good shape, and the only way this piece is going to shine again is with a little bit of face paint.

Ideally, I would like to strip this piece back to her natural state, but unfortunately there are too many imperfections to cover up.

I haven’t quite decided what colour to paint this piece yet. I feel like I want to paint a warm pastel colour on the walls so the better option might be to go light on this desk. I have put some following ideas below, but would love to hear your feedback. Should I go light or dark for this stunning piece?

On this dresser, Old white chalk paint was used as a base colour, and French Linen chalk paint was used as a secondary colour to give it an antique look.

A pretty French Louis Blue finished with some antiquing wax could look stunning.

It was when I was scrolling through Pinterest looking at Kitchen cabinets of all things, I found a door that has given me some inspiration. I think an off country white milk paint with zinc/grey finish to bring out all th lovely details on her legs will be quite charming.


After a very quick decision for me, I raced off to Miss Mustard Seed’s online store and blow me down she had painted a near replica of my desk. After tracking down her blog piece on this makeover, she discussed her decision to go dark because she was worried about the former colour bleeding through. Hmm now this is really weighing on my decision….

I guess it’s just going to be a matter of trial and error on this piece. So tune in next time to see what colour I choose for the Study desk makeover.



  • Colleen

    March 17, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Light! My first pick but then I saw the mustard seed one and I see your dilemma. It’s pretty nice also

    • cheree

      March 18, 2019 at 8:49 am

      Thanks Colleen for your input. So it looks like I am going to go light. To my surprise the fake wood veneer starting peeling off over the weekend. This means I don’t have to worry about colour bleeding now – phew! 🙂

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