UncategorizedRound 3 – The Study Room Renovation

July 27, 2021by cheree

Last night, we were sitting on the couch watching The Block NZ, and we both said in unison, “it’s a good thing we are not contestants on the show. We would be lucky to finish a room at the end of the season”! It’s been three months since we started the study room, and there is still more to complete. Before I flog this team too much, I have to remind myself what we have accomplished since my last post.

As you can see, our stunning Sanderson Fruit Aviary Wallpaper went up without a hiccup. Paul is such a Pro! He also painted the walls in a soft one eight, Resene Thorndon Creme. I am such a fan of this colour. It’s warm without being too yellow, and it matches our wallpaper perfectly.

We were umming and ahhing about putting up the wainscoting on the right side of the wall. I thought it might look odd without duplicating it on the left side. However, the enormous window on the left balances up this design nicely.

It might appear that we are not far off from finishing, but if I swivel the camera, you can see that we are still waiting on our wardrobe Louvre doors. Paul will have to customise it with shelving and strip door lighting. While I was getting my haircut last Saturday, my hairdressing and I were  fantasizing what it would be like to have a walk-in wardrobe. She said once she finally moves on her son, she will dedicate his room to her shoes. Unfortunately, I’ve got no one to kick out (I’m keeping Paul), so I need to learn to love every corner of space I can squeeze out of this house!

All my closet woes disappear when I think about having new wool loop carpet. We will be ordering the carpet for the study room, bedroom, lounge, and sunroom this week. My eyes want to water with happiness typing this line. I can’t tell you how many years I have longed for warmth and softness between my toes. Wood floorboards are pretty, but unless you live in Florida, pretty gets real ugly fast in Winter!

While we wait for the wardrobe doors, carpet, and window to be installed, Paul is off multitasking again. I tell you, this fella never stops! It’s a job that unfortunately cannot wait another weekend longer – sealing up the underside of the house. Paul put up insulation under the house weeks ago, but he couldn’t close it up because there was a shortage of Fibre Cement Sheets. After the storm last weekend, we found a few of our Bradford Gold insulation squares down the street. Already, I can feel the difference in warmth, now that we don’t have the arctic Southerly’s blowing up through the cracks.

Paul has also wired up down lighting in the soffit, which has elevated the look of the house. This red Drywall lifter looks medieval torture contraption to me!

While Paul gets tortured, I get to look in lovingly to my new soon-to-be study room and thank my lucky birds that my teammate is the best one on The Block!