Questions & Answers

Please let me know your timeline, and where possible I’ll do my best to prioritise your project.

If you have a request that does not fall into the online packages provided, please let me know, and I may be able to recommend a package solution.

My goal is for you to feel happy every time you step into your room. If you’re not completely satisfied with my recommendations or have any objections or concerns, I ask you to contact me along with your test photos so I can refine these selections for you.

I’ll provide you with simple guidelines alongside your e-mailed colour selections. 

Yes, I can give you my recommendation for the look and feel you are trying to achieve with the topcoat.

As a rule of thumb, 1 Litre covers 12square meters.  However, the paint coverage will depend on how porous your surface is, i.e., your wood fence or your stucco house will absorb more paint than given than the general guidelines. 

Please seek coverage advice from the paint team at your local hardware shop.

I recommend that you purchase your Island Bench/Bench Top and any hard fixtures before choosing your wall colour. I can advise you what colour would best harmonise in your space; however, it is up to you to research the type and style of benchtop that will fit your budget, and meet your durability/warranty criteria.

I can assist you with the roof’s colour and style, but you will need to conduct your own research into which product lines meet your home’s technical needs i.e. environment, durability, budget, and warranty.

I do not provide renderings because exterior paint colour can get 3-4 times brighter with natural daylight.  When these colour codes are inputted into the software programme they do not adjust for the variation in light.  However, I do provide inspirational photos with my recommendations to help you visualize the resulting colours in your home.

I understand that sometimes life happens, and we have to make other choices. I am 100% committed to your satisfaction, so if within 90 days of your purchase and before submitting your questionnaire, you change your mind, I will provide a refund less 5% or a minimum of $25 administrative fee. After 90 days, or once you have initiated the consultation process by submitting your information, I can no longer provide a refund.

Although I am certified in Interior Design, I am not offering Design services at this stage.  

If you are interested in pursuing design advice, please let me know as I may be able to recommend someone, or help you further down the tract.