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– Have you ever walked into a room and thought something was off but couldn’t figure out what is was? 

– Or, have you looked at your five test colours while scratching your head, “this looks so different from the paint chips?”

The problem may not be the light affecting the colour, but the existing undertones of your furniture and hard fixtures not harmonising together.

We all know how torturous it is deciding the perfect wall colour, and these decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be expensive, time-wasting, and the one thing that will bug you late at night. 

Let me help you take the agony and delay out of these paint decisions. I am a certified True Colour Expert, and have been trained to see the undertone colours of paint, hard fixtures and interior decor. This means I can create harmonious colour palettes that are not only beautiful but perfectly intentional for your home.

Many present-day homes are designed to have interconnected spaces to increase square footage, create easy entertaining, and provide safety for young families.  Without walls, doorways and mouldings these spaces often look the best when a seamless paint scheme is created to connect and unify areas.   

  • A thorough colour assessment of your space taking into account your surroundings, light, hard fixtures, and furnishings while using my large colour boards
  • A follow up email where you will be provided with two paint colour options and a paint summary
  • Advise on how to test your colour recommendations and any follow-up client support
  • Two colour sample pots and up to 10 large colour swatches
  • My Dulux Trade Discount on your paint supplies
  • A list of Dulux Accredited Painters

                   5 Easy Steps:

  1. After you fill out the contact form, I’ll call you to have a chat about your project and arrange a suitable time to visit your home
  2. At your home, I’ll assess your space and together we will discuss colour options
  3. Within 24 hrs (after the consult), you will receive your colour recommendations by email.  I’ll organise the test pots and large colour swatches to be sent to your house.  
  4. I will follow up after a week for your feedback
  5. You’re now ready to organise a professional painter or do it yourself.

Your colour recommendations will be e-mailed to you within 24hours after the consultation.

From $120 per hour.

My goal is for you to feel happy every time you step into your room.  If are you are not completely satisfied with my recommendations, or have any objections or concerns, I ask you to email me along with your test photos, so I can tweak this for you.