Exterior colour

– Choosing an exterior colour can be the most expensive and public decision you will ever make.  

There are many important aspects to consider when choosing a beautiful colour palette for you home – the architecture of your house, the surrounding environment, your neighbour’s house colours, and even the landscaping.

Let me help you successfully navigate this job whether your façade is a little tired or you want to give your home a new makeover. 

Together we’lll create a fresh and timeless look for many years to come.

  • A thorough colour assessment of your exterior and surroundings
  • A follow up email where you will be provided with two paint colour options and a paint summary
  • Advise on how to test your colour recommendations and any follow-up client support
  • Two colour sample pots and up to 10 large colour swatches
  • My Dulux Trade Discount on your paint supplies
  • A list of Dulux Accredited Painters

                 5 Easy Steps:

  1. After you fill out the contact form below, I’ll call you to have a chat about your project and arrange a suitable time to visit your home
  2. At your home, I’ll assess your space and together we will discuss colour options
  3. Within 48 hrs (after the consult), you will receive your colour recommendations by e-mail.  I’ll organise the test pots and large colour swatches to be sent to your house
  4. I will follow up after a week for your feedback
  5. You’re now ready to organise a professional painter or do it yourself.

Your colour recommendations will be e-mailed to you within 48 hrs after the consultation. 

From $120 per hour.


My goal is for you to feel happy every time you pull up the driveway.  If are you are not completely satisfied with my recommendations, or have any objections or concerns, I ask you to email me along with your test photos, so I can tweak this for you.