UncategorizedMy Next Design Move And A Progress Report Straight From Our Lounge

June 30, 2023by cheree

Hi Folks! How are you surviving the first month of Winter?  The mornings have been brrrr in Wellington.  My heart nearly stopped moving when I saw our last power bill.  You will see why we have had the heat pump cranked soon.

I don’t know what happened to us both in June, but instead of finishing the bedroom, we decided to press on and just finish the house!

We were tired of looking at the threadbare curtains that we suspect have been here since 1948 and those horrendous pelmets.  I know pelmets seem to be stepping back into fashion but for this living room it makes the room feel so much smaller.  

It wasn’t long before Paul had the walls stripped back and insulation in.  He hasn’t managed to plug all the holes in the floor yet, so we have still have cool air coming up from the garage below.  

In the morning, with two dressing gowns on, I turn on the heat pump and sprint down the hallway to our sunroom, where I snuggle into anything warm.  I read somewhere, “Living through a home renovation is like living in the wild…You do whatever it to takes to survive”! I couldn’t agree more – giggle 🙂

To take my mind off my Winter Reno blues, I’ve been thinking about and researching how I can add to my Colour Biz umbrella.  Like Paul, I can’t sit still for long.  

So, my plan is to save a few more pennies, and upgrade my computer.  I’ll then be able to license a plug-in that I can use with my Sketch-Up models to bring my designs to life – just like the beautiful images below.  

I think it will take me about six months to learn the programme, and once I have mastered it, I will be offering a select number of free room re-designs to all my readers.  

I will keep you updated with our ongoing progress.  Until then, keep smiling and stay warm!