Finishing touchesMixing Metal Finishes

June 21, 2019by cheree

While I was standing in the shower looking at all the different metal finishes in our bathroom; I began to wonder how on earth did I pull that one off! The taps and vanity hardware are satin chrome. The lighting is pewter and the shower fixtures are chrome. Somehow the different metal types complement each other.

I would love to pat myself on the back, but in truth, it was just a rookie error. I choose the fixtures because I liked the look of a certain piece online. Unfortunately, some of the suppliers didn’t have that fixture in the colour that I wanted, so I just rolled with it, hoping for the best.

While I was reflecting on all this, I started to think about how I would create this non-matchy look in the kitchen. Were there design formulas or rules that I could follow to achieve that showroom look? Well, the good news is there is no wrong or right way to mix metals in your house, but there is a certain knack to mixing finishes well. Let me summarise the best tips I have learnt online so far….

Scott Mcgillivry, Home renovator and blogger believes mixing metal finishes is a good way to “infuse personality” into a room. But he cautions newbies to know when to draw the line. Unless you have a massive house, he advises only mixing three different metal types. Sticking with the power of three rule, you will create enough visual drama for the room without going over the top.

Kristina Lynne advises her blog readers to choose one dominant metal from any large item in your room eg: your fridge or dishwasher. As you can see from this picture the chrome from the range hood and fridge are used as the dominant colour. This has been repeated in the taps and hardware. Next, add two or three secondary colours to contrast the dominant metal. Here they have used warm gold in the lighting and carried this hue through with the wooden chairs.

It appears that I cannot write one post without quoting something from my favourite designer Studio Mcgee. I really need to be on commission! Shia mixes her metals by height to achieve a connecting force in the room.

Another tip I picked up from McGee and Co is balancing cool and warm hues. In this picture, she has used a warm metal gold in her taps and carried this warmth through with the open shelving and a gold-framed picture. The brushed chrome fridge and dishwasher contrast this nicely.


Here is a snap shot of the different metal hues.


Cool and warm tones play off beautifully in this bathroom.


I can’t wait to experiment with this look in our kitchen. I think the eclectic feel will personalise the space in a way that I haven’t been able to achieve before. Are you brave enough to introduce mixed metals into your decor? If you are let’s swap pictures! 🙂