The HallwayLockdown Progress Report

August 31, 2021by cheree

As I write this, Wellington is eagerly awaiting to come out of our second Lockdown. You may remember my post just after the first Lockdown where I announced Paul had just finished painting the house?! Well, this one has not been quite as productive. Paul has painted one window and a mirror black. 🙂

We only had hours before the iron gates came down, so there was just enough time to do a last minute dash to the supermarket before Lower Hutt cleared the aisles. No Mitre10 supplies to entertain us this time! It’s not all bad because I’ve long come to realise that this house is an endurance test, and any progress is good progress in my eyes. I can at least say the Hallway is finished now.

I’m still up in the air about the black mirror in the hallway. I wanted to get a thin iron mirror custom-made like this one but then decided to repurpose an old one as we could better use $500 elsewhere. Well, it certainly didn’t take me long to find another worthy cause. We found two white oak beside tables online for our soon- to -be renovated bedroom. They were a little more than $500, wink, wink, but I love them!

The Manager at the shop told me that I better purchase them now because each bedside will be going up by $200 soon due to the rise in Covid Transportation costs. It was a good sales pitch because I didn’t need any further encouragement! I don’t know if it’s me, but it seems everyone is trying to clip the ticket now. Our Louvre door for the second bedroom went up by $150 since last June, and they are made just over the hill!

Anyway, enough bleating about Reno costs. It doesn’t escape me ever that I am bl**dy lucky to be designing and experiencing this overhaul with Paul. Speaking of new experiences, before Lockdown, Paul and I took the Tranz- Alpine Train from Christchurch to Greymouth to celebrate my 49th Birthday. The scenery was postcard beautiful.

I told my French Colleague about the trip and said this train journey was rated as the second-best train trip in the World. He laughed and said, “why can’t Kiwi’s just rate themselves as the best?” Good point, mate!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and our Michelia trees we planted last year are turning it on! It is wonderful to know that we are coming into a new season, and (hopefully) we can put Lockdown, Level 4 behind us! Take care, everyone.

P.S We are selling our old bedside tables on Trademe this week if anyone is interested? It’s one of our early up-cycled projects we did together. Paul was torn about selling these but unfortunately, our second bedroom is too tight to fit these beauties.

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