UpdatesLet’s Get This Party Started!

January 25, 2021by cheree

Happy New Year Friends! I hope 2021 has got off to a cracking good start for you all? Paul and I had our Annual four-night break from house renovations. Two of these nights we celebrated in Foxton with Paul’s parents and sister. 

What a handsome bunch!

As soon as we got back from our mini-break, we were straight back into it. You can’t keep these Reno Addicts down for long! 🙂 The retaining garden wall has now been rendered and is awaiting a final coat of Resene, Alabaster White. We have bought the capping tiles for the top of the wall and some pretty white hydrangeas to line up in front. 

Paul is also adding another wall beside the letterbox for added privacy from the street, and garden protection from the neighbours’ cute but frisky puppy! 

We are also playing around with ideas for the front door. Paul is holding up a door that was earmarked for the kitchen, unfortunately, we made a blip by ordering a door that swang left instead of right. Now, we are trying to figure out a way to repurpose this expensive door without putting it on Trademe.

The door will be stained a cedar wood colour to match the new garage door we are putting in. Black lanterns and a sturdy black handle will finish the look. Here is my inspiration below.

While we are talking about lighting, look at our new and simple, backdoor lighting we found at Lighting Direct. 

I am currently researching some weatherproof welcoming mats for outside our laundry door. Here are some cuties I have found.

Source: You can customised this mat with your own family name – how cool! 

Many nights have been passed with us chewing over what we are going to do with the tiles out the back. Do we resurface the area, put new tiles down or paint them. I’m guessing with our budget we will be putting a fresh coat of grey paint on them! 

The back wall is another area of attention. Our original idea was to put some cedar trellis on the dark grey strip to camouflage the hideous concrete mess. However, I feel instead of hiding the area it might highlight it! A while ago, I suggested to Paul that we break up this wall with a plant wall either hanging down or growing up from planter boxes. He was concerned it would be a breeding ground for rodents and mould. However, I must have worn him down as he finally said yes we can do it. I tell you nagging really works! 

As for other non-renovating news, you might have seen on Facebook that I am shutting the doors to MWH Candle business. Yes, after five years of early morning wax pours, it’s time to take the pinny off and concentrate on other creative pursuits. We have big goals for the house this year and I can’t wait to share what we have lined up!

Here I am setting up for the very last time at the Pinehaven School market. 

It’s always hard to say goodbye to something that you have put so much energy, time and passion into, but I (and I know Paul definitely is) ready for our new creative adventure to begin! 

Let’s get this party started!