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January 18, 2019by cheree

Hello friends.  I hope you all had a fabulous break with your loved ones.  Mum & I spent 5 bonding days together in Auckland.  Highlights included watching the quarterfinals at the ASB tennis classic, sipping Pinot Gris at Boxhill vineyard on Waiheke Island, and catching up with my newly engaged cousin.

Oneroa Beach, Waiheke Island

It feels like the last 3 weeks have galloped passed me. There were so many jobs on my to do list that I wanted to complete over the break, but for various reasons they didn’t get ticked off.  One of them was painting the back wall.

My lousy excuse for ditching the wall is that I got too busy upcycling our new bathroom vanity.  Yes, I finally found our bathroom vanity in a second hand shop in Lower Hutt.  Actually I saw it the week before at the auction room next door, but couldn’t make the auction during the work day.  Fortunately, it didn’t sell and we picked up this Teak wood beauty for a steal at $135.

Paul already started taking the handles off before I could get the camera out. The buffet was missing the bottom handle and the front doors did not shut properly, hence the bargin price.
Here is a close up of the hardware. This photo was taken in the shop.

You might be wondering how we are going to turn this kitchen buffet into a bathroom vanity.  Let me explain how we are going to pull this off.  Literally, Paul has pulled the top off the buffet.

I have sanded it down and primed it all ready for painting.  I always feel a bit mixed painting over beautiful wood pieces.  In our case there were some natural cracking and chips in various places that Paul had to fill in with putty.  Sometimes varnishing over putty seems to highlight these imperfections.

Sanding down the unit with a palm sander -180 grit paper.
All sanded down. I love the look of natural blonde wood.
Now primed and lightly sanded with a 220 grit sandpaper. Paint time!

We will be placing a marble slab on top of the vanity and inserting this basin below.

I have ordered new hardware from Australia.  Finding traditional brushed chrome handles to match our tapware has been quite the mission.  In my next bathroom I will be sticking with shiny chrome.

Below is a picture I found online that will resemble the final look we are aiming for. The marble top will be a little more subtle though…

Between sanding, devouring Christmas tarts and girl’s holidays, another significant milestone happened in our house. Our tiles in our bathroom plus laundry were finally laid?! Here is a sneak peek of our laundry room floor. Please note these tiles have not been grouted yet.

I am not sure how I ended up with a Moroccan patterned floor. They sort of jumped out and grabbed me in the tile shop. Since it was a small space I decided it needed some pow factor. Plus I am a big fan of the blue and white combination.

In my next post, I will be showing you our newly tiled and painted bathroom. Already 2019 feels like it is going to be full of suprises and literally new doors opening 😊. I don’t know about you, but I am excited about jumping into 2019!

Happy New Year everyone!!