The Gin RoomHappy New Year + The French Gin Room Episode 2

January 14, 2022by cheree

Happy New Year Friends! I hope you all had a relaxing break and spent quality time with your loved ones? We did the annual Christmas run to Foxton but instead the night before, so we could wake up, relax and have lunch with this fun loving-bunch! I even got the dog to smile for this cheesy shot.

Paul and I then headed off to Nelson on the 27th for a four-night break. I know most of you are used to seeing a paintbrush or a nail gun in Paul’s hand, so even for me, to see Paul relaxing is a shock! Here is the Master Builder having a quiet coffee at the Nelson Marina.

Even though there were a few highlights last year, I am so happy to shut the door on 2021 finally. We both needed that holiday, time away from our homestead to restore and reflect on what’s possible for us this year. Interesting enough, during our break, most of the conversation was centred around our home updates, the lack of skirting in our hotel room, and my new job.

Just in case you missed the big news on my Business Facebook page, I scored a weekend contracting job with Dulux as a Colour Consultant until April. I can’t believe all my hours of watching HGTV and design studies are finally paying off! 🙂

While I am studying my colour charts, Paul utilises the rest of his holiday time working in the hot sunroom. You might remember from my last post designs that the walls were Gibbed and painted. Like a true designer, I decided at the last minute that the room would be enhanced with v-groove wood paneling on the walls. Thankfully, Paul didn’t need much convincing this time. He loves it, and so do I!

We are not far away from finishing the French Gin room now. All that is left is to paint the undercoat, the topcoat, install the lighting, and carpet. I say that like it will only take five minutes, but as we all know, especially Paul, this is not true renovation reality.

It’s a grey old day in Wellington today.

My favourite part of the room is that beautiful and blinding arch. I am hopeful that the off-white top coat will tone down this bright room. Otherwise, I will have to get my guests to bring their sunglasses with their Gin! That’s all for now, but fingers crossed there might be room reveal next month. See you in February for another action packed episode! 🙂