The Master BedroomUncategorizedOur Bedroom Remodel Begins…

July 28, 2022by cheree

I first wrote about our bedroom design plans in November 2018.  Finally, four years later, we have reached the position where our budget and time are ready to conquer this room.  As they say, when you have to wait for the good things to happen, the final result is often sweeter than you could have ever dreamed.


  Maybe I shouldn’t be pre-empting things, but I’m confident Paul will do an ace job, and I’ve certainly had a lot of time to think about and nail this design plan.  Let me show you how I envision this room turning out.

Did I tell you I like the colour Purple?  Here is a room I created in Photoshop with some of the items we have purchased so far.  The brass sconces that were going in our second bedroom have made their way over here, mainly due to our shrinking budget.  

I created this 3D Sketch Up Model for spatial planning rather  than for final colour and fabric selection.  It pays to see if everything is going to fit! 

Paul has told me that our purple blank canvas is a pretty straightforward job. In theory, all Paul has to do is replace the gib, rip down the pelmet, replace the windows/ceiling and build out the wardrobe.

I know this is a ridiculous amount of work for Paul, but compared to other rooms where we have had to move plumbing and walls, this seems like a walk in the park! But only if there are no hidden surprises. Famous last words, huh?

I have also narrowed down two colours for the walls, Portland Gray from Benjamin Moore or Resene Alabaster.  My third option is to wallpaper the room completely.  If you have any preferred options, please let me know.

Portland Gray, or Grey as we like to spell it, is a violet-grey, and I think it will tie in beautifully with the mauve duvet fabric colour.

Our date to start this project is the August 14.  We have pinned down this date because Mum and I are flying off for a milestone birthday in Rarotonga.  I know it sounds like Paul has drawn the short stick on this one.  However, Paul often tells me, the best holiday I can give him is a working one, where I’m out of his hair, and he can wind down after a day on the tools with a crusty pie and Netflix.

Another reason to start this renovation while I’m away is that we temporarily have to move our bedroom to our newly carpeted sunroom. This means we are on a mad hunt for new curtains for this fishbowl room.

We are both eagerly awaiting August to start our bedroom remodel, and I can’t wait to share the final result with you. Stay tuned for more bedroom updates on my social media feed. 

Until next month – Bonne Nuit zzzz….