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January 26, 2019by cheree2

We are so close to completing the bathroom, I can almost smell the finishing line. Perhaps this is not the best analogy for a bathroom post? All jokes aside I am “lovin” how this room is shaping up. Paul often finds me at the door taking in the newest and serenity of this space. Since this was Paul’s rental for 5 years, it has always felt like to me, his house. It took me months after moving in to realise that I didn’t need to knock at the door anymore. Now I can finally say we have one room of the house that finally feels like ours.

Our newly painted bathroom door in Resene, Alabaster White.

We were super lucky that over the Christmas break our local tiler decided not to go fishing. So we snapped him up while he had a gap in his schedule. Boy did he worked tirelessly for days in some very hot and trying conditions. The results speak for themselves.

The pattern was thoughtfully laid out, and no matter where you are in the room they all line up beautifully.

The pony wall went up despite a lot a protest from some of my readers and the plumber. I guess I am turning into one of those stubborn designers? 😉

The walls were painted in a Benjamin Moore, Stonington Gray at 50% . Just enough contrast to make our industrial lights pop.

We still have to install the glass shower door and half height glass wall, fit off the rain head, shower rail, paint the half-height wall and ornate it with some trim moulding. Phew! Maybe that finish line is further off than I originally thought?

The front panel around the bath needs painting and trim moulding added. A piece of engineered white stone will be placed on top of the paneling to create a finished look like this:

As I type Paul is off pricing up some marble for the vanity and engineered stone tops for the bath and shower. He is also picking up the vanity paint colour – Sea smoke from Benjamin Moore. It really feels like things are lining up like dominoes with our bathroom.

Once this has all be done, then I get the decorating baton for the last leg of the race. The finishing touches. I am seriously giddy at the thought…Some of these touches include adding art to the back wall by the toilet. We definitely need to inject some colour into this room. Although it feels really warm with all the greys going on, it still needs a striking colour to solidify the room. The only colour Paul and I can agree on at the moment is indigo blue. So I am going to introduce this colour through some artwork, perhaps the towels, bathmats etc. I would like to find some whitewashed oak frames as this will tie in nicely with our clothes hamper in the corner and plant pot. Maybe something like this?

But….it’s not all rainbows and bunnies at our house as we still have our makeshift shower in the lounge. Yes, you read it right. Paul had an ingenious idea of moving the whole shower unit left. We only just got rid of the portaloo from this room a couple of days ago. I am always a little nervous pulling back the curtain in case we have the unexpected visitor popping in for coffee. So far so good.

The other room that got tiled over the break was the laundry. In my last post I gave you a quick glimpse of the tile work. Since then the tiles have have been grouted, the industrial light has been wired up and the washing machine and dryer are finally out of the hallway!

All we have to do to finish this room is put up the wall vertical paneling, paint it white, install some cupboards and place a wood hardtop over the washing machine and dryer. Piece of cake I say… but Paul might have a different take on that one!



  • Marilyn

    February 2, 2019 at 2:53 pm

    I’m glad you’re now a ‘real’ designer and backing yourself with ideas.

    I saw a hollow pony wall next to a toilet which has pull-out storage for toilet rolls, cleaner etc. The bathroom is looking very stylish.

    • cheree

      February 2, 2019 at 3:51 pm

      Gosh thanks Marilyn. You are making my head all puffy with those fabulous comments! I actually asked Paul while he was building my pony wall if we could throw in some storage options. He was less than thrilled, so I decided not to push this one lol…

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