Bathroom MakeoverBathroom Makeover| Part 2

September 15, 2018by cheree2

Today I am going to reveal our overall direction with our bathroom design and also share some of the fixtures we have bought so far.  The biggest pressure point I have with this space and with the entire house (see post 1) is trying to work out our design objectives.  Do we style this room for people who might buy this house in 5 – 7 years time?  Or should we go with what is comfortable and sings to our soul right now….

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After oscillating back and forward like window wipers, we decided to go for what we love.  After all, we have to live here for the next 5 years.  Also, I am a strong believer that if I love it, surely someone out there will love it too?

In the end, we sort of agreed to a Modern Farmhouse meets the Hamptons flavour.  Here is my inspiration board I created on Canva.

I have to be honest when I tried to explain this style to Paul, I got the glazed look of confusion.  Just in case you might be just as puzzled, I will try to describe this aesthetic, with the help of Mr. Google.


“Farmhouse decorating is warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of charm. It eschews modern sensibilities and goes back to a simpler time. That said, farmhouse style is surprisingly savvy. To keep a farmhouse from looking too “country kitsch” there needs to be a balance of old and new”.  Source:


Hamptons Style

“The Hamptons style is a blend of elegant and sophisticated design, with a coastal warmth and coziness. This beautiful design style is derived from The Hamptons, an upmarket seaside area on Long Island, New York, where some of the most expensive homes in the United States are situated”.



You might also be wondering is it possible to blend both styles to make a cohesive look?  According to Interior designer, Bowen yes it is! She stated in (March 2018 Australian H& G) that the Hamptons “interior details can be manipulated to create more of one particular look: coastal, classic/traditional, modern minimalist or glamorous”.

Talk about music to my ears!


Here is one of my favourite picture saves from Pinterest.  To say I am obsessed with this photo is an understatement.  I adore this shot because there are aspects of glamourous Hamptons with the lighting, marble tops, and fixtures, while the Farmhouse style is echoed through with the wooden stool, bathtub, and flooring.

Apart from oggling Pinterest for a couple of hours a day, I have also been busy ordering.  Here are a few of our fixtures we have purchased so far:

We had our tapware shipped from Australia.  Check out those prices!

Restoration Online Australia

$357.50 (Aus)



$302.50 (Aus)


Our Kohler sunk in bath

 Kohler online

We purchased our bathtub at half price, ($450.00) during the Zip plumbing sale which happens twice a year.   If you are on the hunt for quality fixures at a decent price then this is a must to check out:

Our only niggle so far is trying to source a traditional vanity that will fit into our budget.  I have seen a few online, but I am extremely nervous to make a $2000 purchase on an item unseen.  We have also discussed designing one and getting the joiner to make it.  That way we get exactly what we want in terms of looks, sizing and cupboard space.  But we can already see that by the time we buy the stone top, plus add the cost of the taps, it’s going to be much more expensive than picking one off the shelf.

Oh, the decisions!



  • Phyl

    September 15, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Love the trend and style you are taking with the house.
    A sense of charm and timelessness

    • cheree

      September 15, 2018 at 5:19 pm

      Thank you for the confirmation. Sometimes I think it would be much easier sourcing supplies if I liked Modern or Scandinavian design. But on the other hand, it is hard to date a traditional bathroom.

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