About Us

Five years ago, we started renovating our 1940s Art Deco House, and my partner Paul said to me, “the only reason I go to work is to pay for all your test pots.” I was embarrassed to admit that he wasn’t far from the truth; our paint cupboard was overflowing with the latest trendy neutral.

Since then, I have made it my personal mission to understand the language of colour.

My passion has led me to study through the New York Institute of Art and Design and complete Colour Certification with world-renowned Colour Expert Maria Killam.

I am currently contracted at Dulux NZ for Colour Consulting Services.

I know first-hand that choosing the right colour for your home can be an emotional assault course. If you live in the Wellington Region and need direction, please check out my Consultation Services. 

Together we will find the perfect colour to bring you joy every time you open the front door.