UncategorizedA Milestone Birthday, An Island Holiday, Plus A Bedroom Progress Report

August 30, 2022by cheree

August started off with a sizeable bang for me which included turning 50yrs old, a celebratory Rarotonga holiday, and a promise of a bedroom reno (beginning) on my return.  Only two things eventuated.  Let’s start with the positive.  

Mum and I jetted off for five nights to Rarotonga to escape from our wettest Wellington winters in history and ring in my 50th birthday.  

And celebrate we did! There were a few happy hour cocktails, lots of walking (we are Ms. and Mrs. Walker after all), and plenty of R&R on those beach chairs! 

Sadly, I had to leave my other bestie at home.  Island R&R holidays are just not Paul’s thing.  Plus, I knew he would relish this time getting stuck into our bedroom renovation project.  

Can you imagine my horror when I flung open the door with my suitcase only to find zero progress had been made with our bedroom?  You could almost peel my bottom lip off the floor -snif, snif.

My first thought was Paul had been taking his own private holiday with Netflix and chippies on the couch.  Heaven knows he deserves a break too! 

After Paul sat me down calmly, he explained that he could not get any Gib.  There is no Gib in New Zealand to be found anywhere?!

gold bars

I know I’m going to come across as a dumb doughnut, but when I heard on the radio a while back there was a Gib shortage, I thought this would not apply to us for some reason. That we somehow could find a secret stash nestled up in a corner of a friend’s garage. 

Surely, we would find a way to get our hands on these gold bars?

Well, it turns out there is a way; we just have to go on the waiting list at Bunnings until November.  Cricket, Paul said this was good because while I was away, he was told there would be no more shipments into NZ until February 23.  I guess there is a gold lining somewhere – ha!

While we both wait it out, Paul gets onto replacing the glass with double glazing.

We decided against going to the bank for more money, as handy Paul will take on this massive window project.

 The windows will be painted black on the outside and white on the inside.  You may think this is strange, but I don’t want black to dominate my design choices for the interior.

To limit my holiday blues, I’ve decided to focus on the last room of the house to be touched – our living room.  You might have seen this post on social media, and I will be posting a 3D version shortly.  

I have borrowed the tv inbuilt from McGee & Co for this mood board.  Ours will be configured differently, and we will paint the inbuilt a charcoal with violet undertone to harmonise with the undertones in our carpet.  I love how cognac leather chairs can warm up a blue-grey space.

To know this is the last room we need to renovate thrills me to bits!    

And the possibility of starting a new design project together gives me not only a reason to celebrate a new age, but also a new creative chapter!  Fifty cheers to that!! 🙂